Special Features

1. The institute have special rooms such as Computer Lab, Maths Room, Social Studies Room, Resources Library for reference work, individual well equipped laboratories (for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Home Science).
2. Exclusive sheltered play areas for pre-primary and primary levels.
3. Outdoor game facilities for cricket, tennis, basketball and football.
4. Infirmary cum First Aid Room.
5. Library cum Resource Room, Audio-visual Room.
6. Seminar and Conference Rooms.
7. Well qualified and trained teachers with sufficient exposure for providing an interactive and experiential teaching.
8. Specialist teachers such as play and Speech Therapists, Vocational Counselor and Career Masters, Computer Instructors, Theater Art Teachers.
9. Ample opportunities for teachers to grow with training programs and workshops for improving subject content and skills, as also personal growth workshops.
10. Students would have ample opportunities for self-study; parents would be expected to be co-operative and interactive partners in their children''s education. Parents would be expected to participate actively in committees.
11. Every opportunity for developing students native talent would be sought to be provided, Children would be encouraged to explore and reason; child to child interaction opportunities, debates, dramatics, quizzes as also live experiences through visits, guest''s lectures and audio-visual media would be provided.