History Of School

Little Flower Children School was established in 1986 for Nursery to 10+2 both U.P.Board and C.B.S.E. along with Degree College. The institute has produced very good results in the last years and has made its presence felt not only in Mau but throughout Purvanchal. Needless to say but this all could be possible only due to blessing of God, proper planning of the Institute, proper implementation of the planning, taking timely feedback from the students regarding their level of satisfaction as they expected from the institute and follow up action to plug the shortcomings pointed out by the students time to time. The Institute having its own building situated at Mau-Ballia road has developed its own culture characterized by its Simplicity, Versatility, humanistic approach and peaceful interpersonal relationship. The surrounding of the institute is ideal for academics with lush green area of about 10 acres.

In thefast paced professional world of competition you need to get across to thelatest techniques and the most modern resources to be able to sharpen yourcreative and talented skills so that you visualize and create your future tostand apart from the crowd. That''s why keeping in view the need of the youth inmind, Azad Hind Viidya Trust was founded by Mr. Vijay Shankar Yadav in 1986. OnJuly 01, 1993 Mr. Vijay Shankar Yadav, the founder and the manager of Azad HindInter College, made humble beginning with the ideal of quality education andestablished Little Flower Children School to awaken the intellects of shiningcharacters and to dispel the ignorance from the society in order to provideeducation to all. Many of the successful candidates are serving the Nation onhigh posts. Bulks have joined multinational companies after getting highereducation in the field of Management and Computer Technology. Azad Hind VidyaTrust, by experiencing the need of new millennium started many new courses.

The Grouphas its own huge building and equipped with all the latest facilities such asComputer Lab, Lecture Halls with OHP''s slide projectors. Ten hours internetfacility for students is also available. The Group has lush green campuses atdifferent locations in Mau. The Group has highly qualified faculty in all thestreams working in close co-operation with the students to give them a strongbase in theory and practical learning.