General Instructions

1. The school hours are from 10.00 a.m. to 04.00 p.m. daily.
2. All students must attend the morning assembly.
3. Greet your friends, teachers and elders suitably and make them happy. Always respect your elders and teachers.
4. Come to school always regularly on time; with proper books & dairy. If a child fails to reach the school on time and does not attend the assembly, he/she will be sent back home.
5. Keep your uniform, your books, body, class room and school premised clean, neat, tidy and fit.
6. Every child must bring their dairy to class daily. No pupil is allowed to tear any page from this dairy not is he/she permitted to use it as rough exercise book.
7. Irregular attendance habitual, negligence in school work, dishonesty in word or act, insubordination or serious misconduct or threats even outside school are sufficient reasons for dismissal.
8. Students should be simple and modest in their dress. Gold ornaments should not be used.
9. The damage or lose of the school property or that of other students should be repaired by the respective students who cause it.
10. Playing in class rooms and on corridors is strictly prohibited.
11. Students suffering from contagious or infectious diseases will not be allowed to sit in the class.
12. Students shall neither borrow nor lend money or exchange articles.
13. All children should be particularly careful not to throw any papers, seed etc, on the floor, in the school premises or in the compound. The waste paper basket should be used for that purpose.
14. No books,newspapers or periodicals other than school, may be brought in to the class.
15. Students from one class are not allowed to be in other class-room during the interval.
16. Students must maintain silence in absence of the teacher.
17. Students talk softly in classrooms and corridors.
18. Be polite while speaking to teachers. Use "Please" while requesting and"Thank you" while receiving.
19. Use of bad language, unruly behavior and bad manners are strictly forbidden.

Instructions for Parents:
1. Parents should attend the parent''s day meeting whenever it is convened.
2. Parents or others are not allowed to interview students or teachers during class hours without the sanction of the Principal / H.M.
3. Report of marks and conduct of the students will be sent to parents and that should be returned to the school duly signed.
4. The change of address or telephone numbers of students should be informed to the school authorities in due time.
5. Parents are always welcome to school to check up the progress of their children in studies and formation. This visit will serve a lot to strength parent – teacher relationship, essential in education. But all should see that this may not cause any disturbance to the regular work of the class.
6. No student is allowed to go home during the school hours except for extreme necessity and escorted by guardian or on producing proper letter from parent or guardian.
7. Parents must go through their child''s hand book daily for any message for you.
8. Parents should keep track of the daily progress of their child and take remedial action wherever necessary.
9. Parents are welcome to meet the Principal between 8.45 a.m. and 9.30 a.m. and 3.45 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. on all working days.
10. Encourage your child to put in cent percent attendance.
11. After every terminal examination, the parents of those students who have not performed well may be required to meet the principal to take the progress reports in person at the appointed time, which will be intimated through the hand book.
12. Parents please pay the school fees on time.
13. Parents are requested to see that the students do their Home Work regularly.