School Library

Library & Science class rooms

The ever expanding library consists of 5000 Indian & International books and periodicals with a seating capacity for approximately 100 students. Journals, Magazines, periodicals, reviews, and AUDIO-VISUAL cassettes are available and the Library provides. a meaningful base to budding professionals.

All the school of Little Flower Children School have state-of-the-art Multimedia and Computer Labs, besides the manadatory science labs equipped with best and the most recent euquipments. The Math labs have added a newer perspective of the students'''' outlook towards the subject.

Through first hand experience, the children develop the skills of scientific investigation. These include observation, planning, predicting, measuring, fair testing and hypothesizing. The positive attitudes necessary to achieve success in science are also tought e.g. curiosity, perseverance and self-evaluation.

In addition to our plentiful supply of practical science resources, the school has a conservation area where living things can be studied in a natural environment.

In addition, we have nature corners, flash pools to add interest to our delivery system.

We take immense pride in our impressive libraries. Books are easily accessible at Little Flower Children School and that is how we promote.''''reading'''' extensively. The libraries at our school are an integral part of an Little Flower Children School life. There are plenty of resources, including networked internet access and qualified staff to meet their developing academic requirements, together with the materials that they need for their general learning and for their leisure and recreational interests.